Time Slot 4

Late Afternoon: 2:10 - 3:10

Session # 4A - Comic Life (See You In The Funny Papers)

Presented by: Clarke Hagan - haganc@lakeshoresd.mb.ca - 20 participants

Session # 4B - Senior Years ICT Sharing Session

Please contact Shawn Kleebaum if you have any additional resources for SY ICT.

Manitoba Education
Darren Kuropatwa
Shawn Kleebaum

Session # 4C- iTunes In Education: What's In iT For Me?

Presented by: Andy McKiel - 22 participants

Session Overview:

Sample Podcasts:

National Geographic
Teachers Connecting
Teacher 2.0

Podcast Hosting:

Internet Archive
Liberated Syndication

Session # 3D & 3 #4D - Educaching: Educational Applications of GPS Technology For Grades 2-8 *Double Session*

Presented by: Shannon Graham - 18 participants

Session # 4E - Mashup

Presented by: Kent Shiltroth - 20 participants

Session # 3F & # 4F - 3D Modelling With Google Sketchup *Double Session*

Presented by: Brent Froese - 19 participants

Session # 3G & # 4G - Scratch: Innovative Software For Creative Students *Double Session*

Presented by: Janis Williams - 13 participants

Creating with Scratch

Session # 4H - ePEARL: Electronic Portfolio For Evidence of Learning

Presented by: Michelle Larose-Kuzenko (michelle.larose-kuzenko@gov.mb.ca) and Rosalind Robb (rosalind.robb@gov.mb.ca) - 20 participants

  1. How ePearl supports LwICT - http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/lict/resources/epearl/support.html
  2. Assessment of LwICT - ( ePearl videos) - http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/lict/let_me_try/assess.html
  3. More ePEARL resources on ME website - http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/lict/resources/epearl/index.html
  4. Resources available from Concordia University - http://grover.concordia.ca/epearl/resources/home_en.php. Includes Print-based documentation, a Virtual tutorial, a wiki and Professional development videos.

Session # 4I - Handheld Devices In The Classroom: If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

Presented by: Grant Butler - 20 participants

Session # 4J - You're Integrating ICT and Might Not Even Know It

Presented by: Coleen McKellar - 20 participants

Session # 3K & # 4K - Cool! Claymation! *Double Session*

Presented by: Nora Heschuk - 20 participants

Session # 4L - LwICT for Senior Years Teachers: Connecting With The K-8 Dots

Presented by: Bill Wynn, Brenda Masson, Rhonda Tomlinson and Holly Forsyth - 5 participants

Session # 4M - LwICT Baby Steps

Presented by: Brandon School Division Literacy with ICT Implementation Team - 20 participants

Session # 4N - Copyright Conundrum: A Creative Commons Solution

Presented by: John Finch - 20 participants

Session # 3O & #4O - Interactive Whiteboards In The Early Years Classroom *Double Session*

Presented by: Devon Caldwell - 23 participants

Session # 4Q - Web-Based Courses: What's In It For Me?

Presented by: Howard Griffith and Donald Girouard - 19

Manitoba has been providing Web-based courses (WBCs) to Manitoba teachers for 10 years. As a teacher, you may be familiar with one use of WBCs - for the delivery of course options to students via the Web. However, this is only one use for Manitoba’s Web-Based Courses! If you have not been involved as an online teacher, you may not even know they exist. Did you know that WBCs are available free to any teacher in Manitoba that wants one, and that they can be used to assist classroom instruction and professional learning? Come find answers to: In what ways do teachers use WBCs? How can you access them? What is available? What support can you access? What is new with WBCs in Manitoba.

Related Resources/Links:
Web-Based Course Development:
Web-Based Course Availability:
Accessing a WBC as a teacher:

Other resources can be found:

in Blackboard: WBC Teacher’s Online Community

Contact us:


Session # 4R - Communication Technology For Administrators

Presented by: Graham Shindle - 18 participants

Session # 4S - Tools For The Art Classroom

Presented by: Ron Nordstrom - 20 participants

Perspective Drawing with Publisher or Word
  1. Drawing a box
  2. Drawing of a cabinet
  3. Perspective, 1 and 2 point

Other Drawings

  1. Draw and Paint Objects
  2. Line Art Portrait
  3. Blue Bowl on Table
  4. Canadian Flag - using the Freeform tool in Word

Pop Art Links

  1. Pop Art Powerpoint
  2. Photofiltre - free download
  3. Pop Art Portrait Ideas and Resources
  4. Warhol Prints using Photofiltre Instuctions (.pdf) John Lennon example
  5. Warhol soup can outlines (word)
  6. Warholizer - Create pop art in the style of Andy Warhol
  7. Hockneyizer - Create art in the style of David Hockney
  8. Roy Lichtenstein technique - Photoshop Tutorial on converting photo to Ben-day dots.Advanced.
  9. Collage Machine - Make collages in the style of Richard Hamilton
  10. Benday dots with Photoshop (advanced)

Drawing with Inkscape
  1. Inkscape Download - Open source software
  2. Batman logo - Using the Bezier tool. Save this file on your computer then open in Inkscape and draw over with the bezier tool to create a scalable drawing that will not pixelate.

Creative online tools

  1. Photo Op - Need Shockwave Player 11 installed
  2. Still Life Composer - Shockwave 11
  3. Jungle - Art inspired by the French painter Henri Rousseau
  4. Wallovers - Learn about pattern and repetition
  5. Framer - Frame your digital artwork.
  6. Pointillism - Online activity where you paint with dots.(Need Shockwave)
  7. Mr. Picassohead - Use face parts to create a Picasso-like painting.
  8. Jackson Pollock.org - Drip paint like Jackson Pollock. Left click to change color.
  9. Artpad - Paint with different size brushes online.

Lesson Plans and other resources

  1. Incredible Art Stuff - Links to online art games, lesson plans, and art activities.
  2. Art Principles and Elements from a Lifetime of Color
  3. Artsology - Online art games.
  4. Inside Art - Art history game, especially good for studying Van Gogh.
  5. Artyfactory - Art Lessons
  6. Elementary Art Lessons
  7. Elementary Art Sites
  8. Drawing Lessons for Kids
  9. Artists Toolkit - This is a very cool interactive site, gives visual examples of both the elements and the art principles but also has some nifty interactive areas as well.
  10. Elements of Art and More - Powerpoint presentations ready to use or edit.

Vincent Van Gogh
  1. Read about Vincent Van Gogh
  2. Vincent Van Gogh Art
  3. Van Gogh Self Portraits on You Tube
  4. Van Gogh movie to song "Vincent" by Don McLean

Session # 3T & # 4T - The Harvest Continues *Double Session*

Presented by: Ryan Maksymchuk and Tracy Maksymchuk - 6 participants

Session # 4U - Intro To Excel

Presented by: Kathy Spangler - 21 participants

Session # 4V - Day In The Life Of An Online Teacher

Presented by: Dave Adams - 16 participants

Session # 4W - From Line To New Line Cinema

Presented by: Kevin Chambers - 11 participants

Session # 4X - Cell Phones In The Classroom???

Presented by: Rob Fisher and John Evans - 21participants

Mobile learning wiki to support this presentation. Thanks to John Evans for continually updating this site.

Session # 4Y - Using Your SMART Board and Notebook Software In The Middle Years Classroom

Presented by: Whitney Stone - 20 participants

Please bring your ideas as well as any cool interactive lessons you have to share with others! I will go through what I have learned

with having a smartboard in my classroom and ideas that can be integrated into the MY classroom. I will have a time for us

to share our ideas and lessons- so be prepared to come up and share your fountain of knowledge with others!

Session # 4Z - Jimmy's Teacher Tools

Presented by: Jim Mueller - 24 participants

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