Time Slot 2

Late Morning: 11:25 - 12:25

Session # 2A & # 3A - Web 2.0 Applications For The Classroom *Double Session*

Presented by: Craig Cuddy - 20 participants

Great Places to Start Looking for Web 2.0 Tools

1.) Go to Web 20 (it's more about commercial stuff but still a good place to start) - http://www.go2web20.net/

2.) A UK site with LOTS of choice - http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/Directory/

3.) One of the best education sites from the UK (the author has looked at all of them and makes appropriate comments as to their usefullness) http://web2educationuk.wetpaint.com/

Session # 1B & # 2B - The Wonderful World of Wikis *Double Session*

Presented by: Shawn Kleebaum - 21 participants

Session # 2C & # 3C- Using Audacity and Acid Xpress In The Music Classroom *Double Session*

Presented by: Les Chalmers - 20 participants

Session # 2D - Create Software Tutorials For Your Class

Presented by: Nora Heschuk - 20 participants

I use Wink software for creating tutorials for my class.
This is a tutorial that I created for making claymation animations using Monkey Jam.
This is a tutorial that I created for using Windows MovieMaker to finish your claymation movie.

I have also had students create tutorials using Wink software in order to demonstrate their understanding & knowledge of the software.

Some tips from other users of Wink:

General information about creating effective software simulations: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/captivate/articles/simulation_print.html#

If you would like more information about making "fancier" screencasts / demos, here is an informative Blog with some other tools of the trade:

Session # 2E & # 3E - Let's Make a Video About That... *Double Session*

Presented by: Bill Wynn - 20 participants

Welcome to the world of video production on the fly. This is not a session for the High School Video Editing ICT course teacher. This session is for the teacher with light to medium ICT skills who is looking how to use video to create student products in just about any curricular area. See how Movie Maker, the free video editing software that comes with the XP operating system, can be used by teachers and students alike.

Cinema Forge - A free video file format converter ( Works relatively well with most conversions however I have had problems converting .mov files to .wmv or .avi

Session # 2F - Creating Activities With SMART Notebook

Presented by: Jodi Hrymak - 23 participants

Session # 2G - Editing Your Digital Images

Presented by: John Evans - 23 participants

Working with Digital Images

Session # 1H & # 2H - Incorporating GPS and Geocaching In The Classroom *Double Session*

Presented by: Whitney Stone - 18 participants

Session # 1I & # 2I - Enhance Your ELA Classroom With Technology *Double Session*

Presented by: Janis Williams - 20 participants

Technology in the ELA Classroom

Session # 2J & # 3J - Me and My World *Double Session*

Presented by: Glenda MacPhee - 20 participants

2. Use Acrostic to tell about people, community name, etc.
3. Use Wordle to create descriptive word splashes.
4. Box folding Video
5. Box layers

Session # 2K - What Can I Do Now? Web 2.0 Pedagogy

Presented by: Darren Kuropatwa - 20 participants

Digital Archive of all Darren's presentations at BYTE

Session # 2L - One-to-One Computing: Pros and Cons

Presented by: Kim Melvin - 9 participants


Session # 2M - iPod Touches In The High School Classroom

Presented by: Ross Acree, Leanne Peters & Bryce Ridgen -

Session # 2N - Twitter For Teachers

Presented by: Ryan Maksymchuk - 20 participants

Session # 2O - Advancing Your GIS Skills

Presented by: Rob Langston and Al Friesen - 8 participants

Session # 2P - iClicker: Effective Assessment In A Click!

Presented by: Kent Lewarne - 20 participants

Session # 2Q - Web-Based Courses: What's In It For Me?

Presented by: Howard Griffith and Donald Girouard - 14 participants

Manitoba has been providing Web-based courses (WBCs) to Manitoba teachers for 10 years. As a teacher, you may be familiar with one use of WBCs - for the delivery of course options to students via the Web. However, this is only one use for Manitoba’s Web-Based Courses! If you have not been involved as an online teacher, you may not even know they exist. Did you know that WBCs are available free to any teacher in Manitoba that wants one, and that they can be used to assist classroom instruction and professional learning? Come find answers to: In what ways do teachers use WBCs? How can you access them? What is available? What support can you access? What is new with WBCs in Manitoba.

Related Resources/Links:
Web-Based Course Development:
Web-Based Course Availability:
Accessing a WBC as a teacher:

Other resources can be found:

in Blackboard: WBC Teacher’s Online Community

Contact us:


Session # 2R - SMART Math Lessons

Presented by: Jaime Lombaert - 21 participants

Session # 2S & 3S - BATL: Changing Teaching Strategies To Meet The Needs of 21st Century Learners *Double Session*

Presented by: Grant Butler - 8 participants

Session # 2T - New Resources On Manitoba Education Website For LwICT

Presented by: Michelle Larose-Kuzenko (michelle.larose-kuzenko@gov.mb.ca) and Rosalind Robb (rosalind.robb@gov.mb.ca) - 15 participants

Most of the resources that will be shared in this session can be accessed through the Literacy with ICT WIKI.

Session # 2U - Schemin' About Streamin'

Presented by: Andy McKiel - 12 participants

Session Outline:

Broadcasting Options:


Archived Samples:

MB Edubloggercon
Awakening Possibilities
A Window To The World
Mining Our Web Resources
MECY/ManACE Media Literacy Event

Backchannel Options:

Today's Meet

Session # 2V - Early Numeracy

Presented by: Shannon Mulvey, Patti Lawrence & Donna Mueller - 20 participants



Ohio Treasure Chest: Website of interactive math activities that are broken down by grade and outcomes. Each outcome has a link to several interactive activities to support the outcome - www.ohiotreasurechest.org

Internet for Classrooms : Website of interactive math activities that are broken down by grade and outcomes. Each outcome has a link to several interactive activities to support the outcome. www.internet4classrooms.com

Winnipeg School Division - math resources : www.wsd1.org/pc_math/early_years.htm

Session # 2W - LwICT: Getting Our Feet Wet

Presented by: Wendy Piché & Canda Monita - 20 participants

Session # 2X - Wii Fit and Other Wii Games For Physical Education

Presented by: Shauna Martin and Gerry Badiou - 20 participants

Session # 2Y - Collaborative Research Using One-Note and Word

Presented by: Dianne Nordstrom - 11 participants

Session # 2Z - Our Students Are Social Animals

Presented by: Chris Harbeck - 21 participants

Wiki link to Our kids are Social Animals

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