Time Slot 1
Early Morning: 10:15 - 11:15

Session # 1A - Electronic Scrapbooking: Applications For The Classroom

Presented by: Ron Nordstrom - 23 participants

Online Scrapbooking

  1. Sample 1 - Autobiography
  2. Sample 2 - Geography of Canada
  3. Sample 3 - Path of blood in the body
  4. Ideas for Scrapbooking
  5. Mixbook - create and share an online book. Order print copies. Sign up for free account.
  6. Blurb.com - Download software to create a photo and text book. Order print copies.
  7. Picaboo - Download software to create a book. Order print copies.
  8. Photoinpress.ca - Download software to make your own photobook and order inexpensive copies
  9. Scrapblog - Online scrapbook you can share or send to your friends.
  10. escrapbooking - E stands for educational, experiential, engaging, expressions. Find all the ways to engage students with different kinds of electronic scrapbooking tools.
  11. Shutterfly - Create books, cards, calendars, etc.
  12. My Publisher - Download software then creat books and other items.
  13. Smilebox - Online scrapbook you can blog, email or print.

Session # 1B & # 2B - The Wonderful World of Wikis *Double Session*

Presented by: Shawn Kleebaum - 21 participants

Take a "BYTE" out of Wikis II

Session # 1C - Digital Images In Your Classroom

Presented by: John Evans - 20 participants

Every Picture Tells a Story - Flickr Toys and More

Session # 1D - Senior Years ICT Framework Round Table

Presented by: Darren Kuropatwa - 14 participants

Digital Archive of all Darren's presentations at BYTE

Session # 1E - Eric Carle Look-a-Likes

Presented by: Glenda MacPhee - 20 participants

Copy paste these swatches onto the desktop and open with paint to try your own Eric Carle pictures.

Session # 1F - Seven Things High School Teachers Need To Know

Presented by: John Finch - 20 participants

Session # 1G - Creating a Digital Story in 5 Easy Steps Using Photo Story 3

Presented by: Clarke Hagan - haganc@lakeshoresd.mb.ca - 22 participants

Student Samples - Grades 1-3 **Adelie_penguin.wmv** Macaroni_Penguin.wmv

Session # 1H & # 2H - Incorporating GPS and Geocaching In The Classroom *Double Session*

Presented by: Whitney Stone - 18 participants

Please bring a GPS unit with you if you have one! I will provide some if you do not have your own. Also please bring warm clothes, as we will be heading outside to do some geocaching of our own around Portage!

Presentation Powerpoints:

Session # 1I & # 2I - Enhance Your ELA Classroom With Technology *Double Session*

Presented by: Janis Williams = 20 participants

Technology in the ELA Classroom

Session # 1J - ePEARL Level 2

Presented by: Tracy Maksymchuk - 6 participants

  • For more info and video tutorials visit the ePEARL website
  • Andy McKiel has collected some great resources for ePEARL here. Especially helpful are the links to videos to use in class to demo the ePEARL portfolio process.
  • the ePEARL wiki This space is for you, the teachers from all over Canada and (now the WORLD!) to share your best practices, ask questions, get feedback and read information related to the use of the LTK (Learning Tool Kit)

Session # 1K - 60 Minutes of Mimio

Presented by: Kim Melvin - 21 participants



Session # 1M - Technology-infused Classroom Activities

Presented by: Andrea Robinson - 21 participants

Andrea's webpage

Session # 1N - ePEARL Level 1 in a K-2 Classroom

Presented by: Jodi Hrymak - 17 participants

Jodi's WIKI

Session # 1O - Introducing GPS and GIS Into Early and Middle Years Classrooms

Presented by: Rob Langston and Al Friesen - 20 participants

Session # 1P - Let The Students Do The Work For You: Meaningful Cross-grade Technology Infusion K-12

Presented by: Devon Caldwell and Leah Hunter Obach - 16 participants

OLCS Kindergarten Blog Twitter (olcskinders) Twitter (MrsObachsClass)

Session # 1Q - Interactive Response Systems For Differentiated Instruction and Assessment FOR Learning

Presented by: Libby Dempsey and Cheryl Battersby - 20 participants

Session # 1R - The Many Uses of Boardmaker

Presented by: Kim Smith - 18 participants

Session # 1S - SMART Math Lessons

Presented by: Jaime Lombaert - 23 participants

Session # 1T - Focused Observation of Learning in LwICT for K-8

Presented by: Michelle Larose-Kuzenko (michelle.larose-kuzenko@gov.mb.ca) - 8 participants

Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of LwICT http://lwict2009.wikispaces.com/Assessment-Evaluation

Session # 1U -

The Ning Thing

Presented by:

Raman Job - 20 participants

Session # 1V -

First Class Workspaces

Presented by:

Karen Klassen - 5 participants

Session # 1W -

Online Resources To Integrate Sustainable Development Outcomes

Presented by:

Anne MacDiarmid - 10 participants

Session # 1X -

Differentiating Instruction With Technology

Presented by:

Brooke Williams - 20 participants

Session # 1Y -

The New Standards of Cheating? Plagiarism in a Digital World

Presented by:

Craig Cuddy - 20 participants

How Easy Is It ?
How to cheat - http://www.wikihow.com/Cheat-On-a-Test
Term paper sources - http://www.essaytown.net/db/search or http://www.cheater.com/
The WRONG solution to the problem - http://www.turnitin.com/static/index.html

Session # 1Z -

Let's Stream Together

Presented by:** Chris Harbeck - 16 participants

Create your own custom photo books and order online for a print in Canada. We produce top quality photo albums at affordable rates.

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